Marriott International, with its rich history and innovative organizational culture, has been a landmark in the hotel industry.

This article explores the trajectory of this tourism giant, highlighting its organizational culture, in addition to analyzing the advantages and opportunities for professional growth that it offers its employees around the world and career opportunities at Marriott.

Company History

Humble Origins

The history of Marriott International dates back to 1927, when J. Willard Marriott and his wife, Alice, opened a small root beer store in Washington, D.C. This modest venture was the foundation for what would become one of the largest hotel conglomerates in the world .

Expansion and Innovation

Over the years, Marriott has expanded its portfolio, introducing new lodging concepts and expanding internationally. In the 1950s, the company opened its first hotel and, since then, has innovated in services, comfort and technology, always staying ahead of market trends.

Organizational culture

Core Values

Marriott's culture is founded on values of putting people first, striving for excellence and acting with integrity. These principles guide decision-making and interaction with customers, suppliers and employees.

Inclusive Environment

The company promotes an inclusive and diverse work environment, recognizing that the diversity of talent contributes to innovative ideas and creative solutions, strengthening the brand in the global market.

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Advantages and Benefits

Recognition and Rewards

Marriott offers a competitive benefits package, including health insurance, retirement plans and professional development opportunities. The company recognizes and rewards exceptional performance, encouraging employee loyalty and dedication.

Work-Life Balance

The company understands the importance of work-life balance. Therefore, it offers flexible schedules, remote work opportunities and well-being programs, ensuring that employees maintain a healthy and productive life.

Professional Growth Opportunities

Training and development

Marriott invests significantly in the development of its employees. Comprehensive training programs, workshops and online courses are available, encouraging continuous learning and professional growth.

Career progression

The company promotes a culture of internal promotion, offering employees the opportunity to advance their careers within the group. Marriott values experience and commitment, providing a clear path to professional growth.

Career Opportunities at Marriott for Beginners: Positions, Functions and Selection Processes

Marriott International, recognizing the value of all employees, offers several opportunities for individuals with low education or no previous professional experience. Below, we detail some of these positions, their specific functions, selection requirements and how to apply for these vacancies.

Cleaning and Maintenance Assistant

Functions: This position involves maintaining cleanliness and order in the hotel's common areas, as well as assisting with minor repairs and maintenance tasks.

Requirements: No formal qualifications or previous experience are generally required. Marriott seeks people with a good work ethic and the ability to follow instructions.

Application: Vacancies are usually advertised on the Marriott career site, where interested parties can submit their applications online.

Kitchen assistant

Functions: Assistance with food preparation, maintaining kitchen cleanliness and supporting cooks and chefs in preparing meals.

Requirements: No prior experience is required, but basic cooking skills and an interest in learning are desirable.

Application: Candidates can apply through Marriott job portal, where vacancies are regularly updated.


Functions: Customer service, carrying out check-ins and check-outs, and providing information about hotel services.

Requirements: Good communication and interpersonal skills are essential. Basic computer skills are advantageous, although specific training is provided.

Application: Interested parties should monitor the Marriott career site and apply online when vacancies are available.

General Services Assistant

Functions: It includes a variety of tasks, such as helping to organize events, moving furniture, and assisting with different services as needed by the hotel.

Requirements: We are looking for proactive candidates with good physical capacity. No prior experience is necessary.

Application: Vacancies are posted on Marriott career site, with detailed instructions for the application process.

Laundry Attendant

Functions: Responsible for washing, drying and folding bedding and towels, in addition to operating laundry equipment.

Requirements: No previous experience required. Marriott values candidates with attention to detail and the ability to work in a dynamic environment.

Application: Opportunities are listed in Marriott job portal, where interested parties can apply directly.

General Tips for the Selection Process

Research the Company: Understanding Marriott's culture and values can be a differentiator.

– Prepare for the Interview: Even for entry-level positions, showing enthusiasm and a willingness to learn can be decisive.

– Update your CV: Make sure your CV is up to date and reflects your skills and qualities.

Conclusion on Career Opportunities at Marriott

Marriott International, as a global leader in the hospitality industry, not only stands out for its rich history and excellence in hospitality, but also for its commitment to inclusion and talent development at all levels. This article explored several aspects that make Marriott a standout employer, from its organizational culture to opportunities for individuals with different levels of education and experience.

Inspiring Story: Marriott's journey from a small root beer store to a hotel giant is a testament to the power of vision, innovation and dedication. The company's expansion and diversification demonstrate its ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing market.

Strong Organizational Culture: Marriott's culture, centered on values such as integrity, excellence and putting people first, creates a positive and inclusive work environment. This environment not only attracts talent from diverse backgrounds, but also fosters innovation and collaboration.

Benefits and Competitive Advantages: The company offers a comprehensive benefits package, including health insurance, retirement plans and professional development opportunities. Marriott stands out for its recognition of the effort and dedication of its employees, in addition to promoting a healthy balance between work and personal life.

Opportunities for Everyone: Marriott offers several positions for people with low education or no professional experience, such as cleaning and maintenance assistant, kitchen assistant, receptionist, general service assistant and laundry attendant. These roles are critical to the day-to-day operations of hotels and provide a valuable entry point into the hospitality industry.

Accessible Selection Process: The application process at Marriott is inclusive and transparent, with vacancies posted on its careers website. Candidates are encouraged to demonstrate their skills and enthusiasm, regardless of their previous experience.

Professional Development and Growth: Marriott not only employs, but invests in its employees, offering training, learning opportunities and career advancement. This reflects the company's commitment to supporting the personal and professional growth of its team.

In short, Marriott International is more than just a leading hotel company; is an example of how an organization can thrive while maintaining a genuine commitment to its employees and the community. The opportunities offered, along with a strong organizational culture and welcoming work environment, make Marriott an ideal place to start and develop a career, regardless of an individual's educational or professional starting point.

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