Amazon, the e-commerce giant and leader in technological innovation, is one of the most desired employers in the world.

Working at Amazon means not only being part of a globally renowned company, but also having access to a variety of benefits and growth opportunities. In this article, we will explore the stages of the selection process and career opportunities on Amazon. We will offer valuable tips for applying for a job, highlighting the benefits offered to employees globally.

Perks for Amazon Employees

Working at Amazon comes with a range of advantages. Employees enjoy a diverse and inclusive work environment with opportunities for ongoing professional development. Additionally, the company offers competitive benefits such as comprehensive health plans, wellness programs, extended maternity and paternity leaves, and work flexibility, among others. Such benefits vary depending on geographic location and local regulations, but Amazon's intention is to always support its employees in all aspects of their lives.

Career Opportunities at Amazon for People with Low Education or No Professional Experience

Amazon, recognized for its dynamism and inclusiveness, offers several opportunities for individuals with low education or no previous professional experience. Below, we detail some of these positions, describing the position's functions, the selection process and how to apply.

Warehouse assistant

Position Functions: This position involves organizing inventory, packing orders, labeling products, and general warehouse maintenance. No prior experience is required, and training is provided on-site.

Selective process: The process includes an online application, followed by a background check and, in some cases, a simple interview. The focus is more on the willingness to learn and the ability to follow basic instructions.

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How to Apply: Vacancies can be found on Amazon career site. Candidates must fill out an online form and wait for communication from the company regarding the next steps.

Delivery Driver

Position Functions: Responsible for delivering packages to customers. Requires basic driving skills and the ability to follow predefined routes. Training is provided to familiarize you with Amazon delivery procedures and technologies.

Selective process: After applying online, applicants undergo a background check and an assessment of their driving skills. An interview may be carried out to assess the candidate's suitability for the role.

How to Apply: Interested parties should check out Amazon career opportunities for delivery drivers in Amazon career site and complete the online application process.

Customer Service Assistant

Position Functions: This role involves answering calls or responding to online customer queries, resolving problems and providing information about products and services. Specific training is offered to equip new employees.

Selective process: Applicants must go through an online application process, followed by basic communication skills tests and, in some cases, an interview.

How to Apply: Customer service assistant vacancies are usually listed on Amazon career portal. Interested parties must fill out the registration form and follow the instructions for the selection process.

Cleaning and Maintenance Employee

Position Functions: In charge of cleaning and basic maintenance of Amazon facilities. This position does not require prior experience, and training is provided to teach company cleaning techniques and standards.

Selective process: Candidates must complete an online application form and may be called for a simple interview to assess their suitability for the job.

How to Apply: Amazon career opportunities for cleaning and maintenance can be found at Amazon career site.

General Steps of the Selection Process

1. Search and Registration: The first step is to visit the Amazon career portal and seek positions that align with your skills and interests. Registration can be done online by sending your CV and filling in the necessary information.

2. Resume Screening: Amazon recruiters evaluate resumes to identify candidates who match the job qualifications.

3. Initial Interviews: Selected candidates undergo initial interviews, which can be by telephone or video conference, to discuss their experiences and skills.

4. Skills Assessment: Depending on the vacancy, there may be technical skills tests or behavioral assessments.

5. On-Site or Virtual Interviews: Finalist candidates are invited for more in-depth interviews. Amazon uses the barrier-based interview method, where candidates are evaluated based on their responses to hypothetical situations.

6. Job Offer: After interviews, successful candidates receive a job offer, which includes details about salary, benefits, and other terms of employment.

Tips to Stand Out

1. Learn about Amazon's Leadership Principles: Amazon values candidates who demonstrate alignment with its 14 Leadership Principles. Understand and reflect on how your past experiences align with these principles.

2. Prepare for Interviews: Study common Amazon interview questions and practice your answers. Be specific about your experiences and results achieved.

3. Show Initiative and Innovation: Amazon seeks individuals who are innovative and proactive. Highlight experiences where you demonstrated these qualities.

4. Be Authentic: Show your true personality and passion. Amazon values diversity and wants to get to know the real you.

5. Ask Questions: Demonstrate your interest in the position and the company by asking pertinent questions during the interview.


In a world where educational qualifications and work experience often define career opportunities, Amazon stands out by opening its doors to a broader spectrum of talent. The company not only recognizes but also values the diversity of experiences and perspectives that people from different backgrounds can bring. This article has detailed some of the positions available at Amazon for those with little education or no prior experience, highlighting that there is a place for almost everyone at this e-commerce giant.

From warehouse assistants to delivery drivers, customer service assistants, and cleaning and maintenance workers, Amazon offers a variety of roles that are affordable and don't require prior experience. What all of these positions have in common is Amazon's emphasis on upskilling and training its employees. The company not only provides the training needed to perform day-to-day tasks, but also encourages continuous skill development, opening doors for growth within the organization.

The application process is designed to be inclusive and accessible, with most of the focus on the applicant's willingness and ability to learn and adapt. From the online application to interviews and skills assessment, Amazon seeks to simplify the hiring process, making it transparent and fair for all candidates.

In short, Amazon demonstrates a remarkable commitment to inclusion and diversity in its workforce. By offering career opportunities at Amazon to people with different education levels and life experiences, the company not only enriches its own workplace, but also sets an example for other global organizations. Amazon proves that, with the right training and opportunities, everyone has the potential to contribute significantly to the success of one of the most innovative and influential companies in the world.

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