Target Corporation, one of the largest retailers in the United States and recognized globally, has a history full of innovations and a continuous commitment to excellence.

This article seeks to explore the company's history, its organizational culture, and the advantages and career opportunities at Target.

Target History

Founded in 1962 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Target began as a subsidiary of Dayton's, a department store. Since then, it has stood out for its strategy of offering high-quality merchandise at competitive prices. In 2000, Dayton Hudson Corporation was renamed Target Corporation, reflecting the importance of the Target brand to the company. Today, Target operates thousands of stores across the United States and has a strong online presence, marking its position as a leader in retail.

Organizational culture

Target is known for its vibrant and inclusive organizational culture that values diversity and innovation. The company promotes a work environment where collaboration and creativity are encouraged. Its core values – inclusion, courage, responsibility, and resilience – are the basis for all its operations and strategic decisions.

Diversity and Inclusion

Target has a firm commitment to diversity and inclusion, both in its hiring practices and in the development of products and services. The company actively seeks to create a diverse workforce and foster an environment where all employees feel valued and respected.

Innovation and Growth

Innovation is a central pillar of Target's culture. The company encourages its employees to think creatively and bring new ideas to the table. This innovative spirit not only drives the company's growth, but also provides employees with opportunities for personal and professional development.

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Advantages and Benefits

Target offers a variety of benefits and perks to its employees, including:

Health and wellness: Comprehensive health plans, wellness programs and access to fitness facilities.

Career Development: Professional development programs, training and continuing education opportunities.

Work Flexibility: Flexible work options, including remote work and adjustable hours.

Employee Discounts: Significant discounts on Target products and services.

Professional Growth Opportunities

Target is known for its extensive career growth opportunities. The company invests in the career development of its employees, offering training programs, mentoring and leadership opportunities. Employees at all levels are encouraged to expand their skills and take on new challenges.

Leadership Programs

Leadership and development programs are available to employees at various stages of their careers. These programs are designed to prepare employees for leadership and management roles within the company.

Internal Mobility

Target supports internal mobility by encouraging employees to explore different roles and departments within the company. This approach not only helps employees' professional growth, but also benefits the company by fostering a broader understanding of its operations.

Career Opportunities at Target

Target Corporation offers a variety of employment opportunities to individuals with different levels of education and experience, including those with low education or no prior work experience. Let's explore some of these positions, detailing the functions, selection process requirements, and the best ways to apply.

Sales Associate


– Assist customers on the sales floor.

– Replacement and organization of products.

– Carry out cash transactions.


– Ability to work in a team.

- Good communication.

– No prior experience is necessary.


– Online application at Target website or directly in a store.



– Process customer payments and returns.

– Keep the cashier area organized.

– Provide excellent customer service.


– Basic math skills.

– Ability to work under pressure.

- Previous experiency it's not necessary.


– Submit a form online application or visit a store to fill out an application.

Stock Assistant (Stock Associate)


– Receive and unload goods.

– Organize products in the warehouse and on shelves.

– Maintain the cleanliness and organization of stock.


– Physical ability to lift goods.

– Ability to follow instructions.

– Previous experience is a plus, but not mandatory.


Apply online or check vacancy availability at a Target store.

Cleaning & Maintenance Associate


– General cleaning of the store.

– Basic maintenance of facilities.

– Assist with other tasks as needed.


– Ability to perform physical tasks.

- Attention to the details.

– Previous experience is not required.


– Interested parties can apply via the Target website or in one of the physical stores.

Tips for Candidates

– Updated CV: Even for positions that don't require experience, having an updated resume is important.

– Interview Preparation: Research more about the company and prepare to respond common interview questions.

- Flexible hours: Availability to work different shifts can be a differentiator.

Conclusions on Career Opportunities at Target

In conclusion, Target Corporation, with its rich history and strong presence in the retail market, establishes itself not only as an industry giant, but also as an exemplary employer, offering diverse opportunities to people of varying levels of education and professional experience .

The image illustrates a modern and inviting office environment, highlighting a diverse team of professionals. They are engaged in different activities: some working on computers, others participating in a meeting, and some in brainstorming sessions. The office space is bright, contemporary and equipped with modern technology, emphasizing a collaborative and innovative work environment. The atmosphere of the image conveys a sense of teamwork, professional growth and a dynamic corporate culture.

Organizational History and Culture

The company began its journey in 1962 and, over the years, has transformed into a brand synonymous with quality and innovation. Target's organizational culture is one of its biggest attractions, emphasizing inclusion, diversity, innovation and resilience. These values are embedded in every facet of their operations, from the way they treat customers to the development of their employees.

Benefits and Opportunities for Employees

Target not only provides a welcoming and inclusive work environment, but also offers a range of benefits and growth opportunities. Comprehensive health plans, wellness programs, work flexibility, and employee discounts are some of the many benefits available. Furthermore, the company stands out in investing in career development, with training programs, mentoring, and leadership opportunities.

Opportunities for Low Education or No Experience

Target offers several positions for those with low education or no prior experience. Positions such as Sales Associate, Cashier, Stock Assistant, and Cleaning and Maintenance Associate are accessible, with selection processes focused more on personal skills and learning potential than on prior experience or formal education. This demonstrates Target's commitment to inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Application Process

The application process at Target is simplified and accessible, and can be done online or directly in stores. The company seeks candidates who are aligned with its values, are flexible and have a desire to learn and grow professionally.

General Conclusion

Target, therefore, is not just a place to shop, but a space where careers are built and developed. With its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and employee development, Target positions itself as an employer of choice for many, offering not just a job, but a career with meaning and opportunities for growth.

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